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Boost work life well-being with functional drinks

Your team and yourself's well-being is directly tied to productivity and morale. Our Morning Shine Happy Latte is designed to boost energy and focus naturally, making it an excellent choice for any workplace. Unlike regular tea, our functional drinks deliver noticeable benefits that help your team perform at their best.

Barista Pouring Coffee

Our Happy Latte Morning Shine is for you


Enhance productivity

Replace coffee with a healthier alternative that offers sustained energy and focus without the typical caffeine crashes.


Taste and functionality

With low sugar content, delicious flavor, and brain-boosting ingredients, our latte supports overall wellness.


Backed by Research

Recipes based on extensive research and testing, ensuring each blend delivers optimal benefits.

What people say

I tried the Morning Shine Latte and I am so so happy with it! I have done more today than in the past week all together. My focus is unbelievable, my anxiety is gone, I am feeling calm and I am being so productive. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Honestly I feel much better. I’m more focused and the fact that I was pretty calm this morning despite feeling a bit flat really helped. Happy Latte was a good idea. I’m more energetic and productive.

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Helping people feel their own potential is in our nature.

Our blends are available at wholesale prices, so you can provide a unique, effective product to your clients or community, enhancing their wellness experiences. Share the tangible benefits and help your clients achieve deeper insights and feelings.

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