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Business Director & Shareholder

The Netherlands

Job Type

22-40 hours a week

About the Role

Are you ready to be part of a dynamic team, driving innovation and disrupting the non-alcoholic beverage industry? Happy Tea and Nice Tea are seeking a passionate and driven individual to join us as a Business Director and Shareholder. This is not your typical job posting – it's an invitation to become an integral part of our journey towards success.

Why Partner with Us?
We've already laid the groundwork with a proven concept and products that resonate with the market. Now, we're ready to scale and expand our reach. By joining forces with us, you'll step into a thriving venture with boundless potential for growth. We're seeking a partner who can not only contribute as a director but also invest in our vision and become a shareholder.

A strong grasp of numbers and the ability to develop actionable plans will be essential.

Your Role: As a Business Director and Shareholder, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping our company's trajectory. Your responsibilities will include driving growth, leading sales efforts, and representing our brand in the market. With your expertise and strategic vision, you'll help us capitalise on emerging opportunities and solidify our position as industry disruptors.


  • Sales and Marketing Expertise: We're looking for someone who knows how to drive sales and market our products effectively. Your experience in these areas will be crucial in propelling our business forward.

  • Growth Mindset: We thrive on innovation and continuous improvement. You should share our passion for growth and be eager to explore new opportunities.

  • Interest in Mental Health/Psychedelic/Adaptogen World: Our products cater to the health-conscious consumer, with a focus on mental well-being. An understanding or keen interest in this space would be advantageous.

  • Financial Acumen: As a director, you'll be responsible for financial planning and forecasting.

  • Minimum €20k investment

  • Availability for at least 3 days a week

  • Ideally based in or near Amsterdam

About the Company

At Happy Tea, we are pioneering the way in mental well-being, non-alcoholic drinks, and microdosing psychedelics. If you're ready to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery, we invite you to become a business partner with opportunities to expand in the company. Together, let's illuminate the path to healing and growth.

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