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Part-Time Financial Accountant & Consultant

The Netherlands

Job Type


About the Role

We are seeking a skilled and knowledgeable Part-Time Financial Accountant to provide expert financial consulting services on a weekly basis. This role is ideal for a professional familiar with Dutch B.V.s and holding companies, shareholder agreements, dividends, profit sharing, corporate taxes, wages, and annual tax returns, as well as e-commerce activities and tax for global sales and purchases.


  • Weekly Bookkeeping Consultation: Provide 1-hour weekly consultations on bookkeeping.

  • Monthly Financial Data Collection: Dedicate 3-4 hours at the end of each month to collect and organize accurate financial data into spreadsheets.

  • Software Proficiency: Utilize Moneybird for financial tasks, or demonstrate a willingness to learn the platform.

  • Shareholder Management: Understand and manage shareholder agreements, dividends, profit sharing, investments, and other related tasks.

  • Corporate Tax and Wages: Handle corporate tax responsibilities and wage management.

  • Annual Tax Returns: Assist with annual tax returns (additional compensation available for this service).

  • Financial Planning: Aid in financial planning for the fiscal year.

  • E-commerce Activities: Familiarity with e-commerce operations and associated tax implications for global sales and purchases.

  • Experience: Proven experience working with B.V.s and holding companies.

  • Tax Knowledge: In-depth understanding of the Dutch tax system and global e-commerce tax regulations.

  • Software Skills: Familiarity with Moneybird or readiness to learn it.

  • Financial Expertise: Knowledge of shareholder agreements, dividends, profit sharing, corporate tax, and e-commerce tax.

  • Communication: Strong communication skills and ability to explain financial concepts clearly.

  • Location: Based in Amsterdam preferred, but remote candidates with Dutch tax expertise will be considered.

  • Hourly Rate: €50 per hour.

  • Monthly Hours: Approximately 7 hours per month.

  • Benefits: Free unlimited tea.

How to Apply:

If you meet the above qualifications and are interested in this part-time opportunity, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter explaining your relevant experience to

Join our team and contribute to our financial success while enjoying a flexible and rewarding part-time role!

About the Company

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