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A poem about Happy Tea

tea and poetry
Photo from Unsplash

Written by Sarah Gorban: a pharmacy student at the University of North Carolina who is pursuing a career in psychedelics. Sarah also explores various forms of poetry, including integrating the written word with a psychedelic theme.


Tell me of this emotion, of this pleasure in the eyes Of seeking contentment as this life passes us by Savour the sensation of possibility held between the hands With an infusion of colour, magic and spices to please the senses A replacement from substances that occupied the soul With hopes of feeling ease, release of anxiety during the day Exist within this intermediary between multiple worlds Of mundane tasks and glimpses of nirvana Arrive for healing, as a solo companion or found with friends One bag may serve four people well

Careful to note the spectrum of tolerance Of a 1-gram starter dose to explore Stir with honey or sweeteners when the bitter arrives Of a hot and cold option, store to cool for leaves to survive A balance resides in a two-day break With an option to continue and then steep

Resolving and renewing the relationships Among this present-nature offering Embody morning shine during the afternoon pick-me-up As the evening groove awakens a social butterfly To land as a mellow fellow Take a sip, maybe more if you please To notice what this Happy Tea may bring



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