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Psilocybin; a call of nature at divine timing

Every time I thought about trying to write a blog about my experience with microdosing, the words didn't show up in my mind. Then I said to myself; Hey Rosalyn, trust in your beliefs. Inspiration comes to you at the right time and place, so I let the universe take care of it.

A few days ago was that moment, while I was driving my taxibus of kids to their special needs school. I had the time to make a voice note while I was driving home. I started by telling my friend how I was doing at the moment and how happy I was with microdosing. It has really made me feel like I'm being so much more myself.

As a woman (psychic, shiatsu therapist & energy healer, taxidriver for special school kids, and ADHD mother of 7 kids), I lead a very moving and busy life full of emotional challenges and crazy but wonderful adventures and a hell of a lot of life lessons. So it doesn't surprise anyone that there are many times in my life that I get tangled up in mindfucks, heavy emotions, difficult matters of the heart, and a lot of ups and downs throughout my life (I'm almost 50).

I'm a passionate truth-seeker and for me that means, I open my vision and want to experience everything that feels happy, authentic and honest. But when I find that something doesn't vibe with me and doesn't feel good, I have to let it go and move on to follow what's really meant for me. And that's exactly how the truffles helped so much, to let go!

Letting go

One of the most difficult things we as human beings have to learn is to let go, to detach ourselves from things, people, past situations, places, etc. We just have to connect with the energy from nature around us. With the flowers, plants, trees and herbs that grow in your garden or wherever you are. Connect with the animals and insects that show up during the day. To feel and to use elements of nature that is surrounding us.

The connection that the psilocybin makes in my brain causes the space to let go of old habits, and old ways of thinking and finally it releases emotional pain from my system. I was telling my friend how psilocybin works a lot on the throat and the heart chakras. What is really inside of me, I'm releasing it by talking and sometimes crying, I also have a stronger determining voice by setting my boundaries and really telling my surroundings how I feel or experience things from my heart. And sometimes It comes out not very diplomatic or nice at the time but it is the real voice of my heart.

So the strong connection with nature, but also the uses of all my senses, are stronger and clearer, and I feel even more authentic than I already was. I am real and always try to be myself. I believe when you show up authentic, you make room for others to do the same. And that's what this world needs. Authentic people, who know themselves and are connected with their true nature. This is my truth and that's what I feel psilocybin can do for humanity.

Also the change I witness within my boyfriend (he is my twin soul) is wonderful. The psilocybin made his heart energy stronger again. He is able to let go of his frustrations that lived there for quite a long period of time and also it untangled the complex emotions he'd experienced. Man, he becomes so chill, relaxed, and loving. He radiants the beautiful soul he truly is, with so much more belief in himself and confidence in life.

The space that has been created by the healing of plant medicine makes us become even more creative in every way possible. Fixing things in the house, cleaning, making music, art, writing etc... doing the things we've put off for a long time or we didn't make time for, suddenly we just do - because now we do what is making us feel good and we go in a flow.

As an energetic healer and shiatsu massage therapist for more than 20 years now, I am guiding people to their true inner being. To reconnect with their soul mission, so that people remember their life purpose and become aware of who they really are and they can start living aligned and in their own flow.

When people try to work on themselves to make changes in their lives, it sometimes can be really difficult and challenging trying not to fall back into old habits. I am convinced that the combination of psilocybin and energetic healing/shiatsu massage, or another kind of body and breathwork, can really make a difference and change what's there to stay.

Whether you have physical or emotional problems, psilocybin changes the way you look at things, and then the look of things change! It is all about awareness and trusting the divine timing of life. When you hear this call from nature, you know you're on your way to healing! And so, as soon as I sent my voice note to my friend, I realised that this is what I want others to know.

Written by Rosalyn Duif


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