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Enhance your practice with functional teas

Unlike regular tea, our blends make you feel something tangible. Crafted for holistic wellness, our powerful adaptogenic drinks are designed to complement and enhance micro or high-dose experiences. Use the extra power of relaxation to improve your practise.

Health Care

Our Voyager Blend is for you


An extra guide

Designed specifically to support and enhance psychedelic experiences, it's a perfect partner for your practice.


Taste and functionality

Crafted to hide the taste of truffles/mushrooms, this blend can specifically handle high doses.


Backed by Research

Recipes based on extensive research and testing, ensuring each blend delivers optimal benefits.

What people say

I'm not a big fan of the taste of magic truffle, so when doing high doses it's important to make it an enjoyable experience. So thankful for Voyager, now my journeys are supported with a great taste and the added benefits of the relaxing herbs.

A high dose of truffles sounded to me like a nightmare with how they taste and I normally get some nausea so I never tried. I gave it a shot with this blend and was so happy to have such a great experience! Huge fan 🙂

We work with the Voyager blend for our ceremonies and have received great feedback from our attendees. Everyone always asks for refills! Not only does it taste great and helps with the nausea that some experience, but it also supports the body in relaxation during and after a session. It’s our preferred choice of tea.

- Tian from Women on Psychedelics

Morning Yoga

Helping people feel their own potential is in our nature.

Our blends are available at wholesale prices, so you can provide a unique, effective product to your clients or community, enhancing their wellness experiences. Share the tangible benefits and help your clients achieve deeper insights and feelings.


Our blends are best for:

  • During psychedelic-assisted therapy

  • Post or pre-session relaxation

  • During wellness practices like yoga or meditation

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