happy stories from happy people

Perfect, some issue with the post office but the happy team took care of my problem very quickly ! I have to say, it's the best customer service i have ever seen !! Thanks a lot

It's really good, easy to use.

Best way I can explain this tea seems to quiet things down so u get a glimpse of the real u outside the noise of everyday life...u are always present but the noise of life keeps u from enjoying the moment

I drank Happy Tea before a festival and it was amazing, that is ideal

Delicious and uplifting

happy tea is fantastic, really exceeded my expectations!

Feeling fantastic. The world is much brighter and everything has much more meaning.

When MDing in social situations, I feel less self conscious, less anxious, and more empathetic.

Not sure if it's the Happy Tea but I'm feeling super energized and good today.

I was quite happy to begin with, but happy tea made me feel extra warm and fuzzy, it was a super joyful experience.

I have only tried happy tea once, with other people. We shared a 4 dose between 3 but I think the dose might have been a bit low. We all agreed we felt happier. We were also travelling later that day and 2 of us normally experience travel anxiety, which we didn’t this time.

We had a little brew with the team and everyone was so incredibly happy! It was a really nice bonding experience for everyone. It was delicious and uplifting :)

I was very happy, felt very calm and relaxed afterwards

I experienced a general feeling of happiness and joy. I drank it the first time when I was alone and thought there was nothing going on. Until I got some interactions with friends and family and noticed it was working. Laughing, less anxiety and better concentration and deeper interactions (I have ADHD, so lots of zoning out / distractions).

I liked it! It helped me to focus and to be more present in the moment. Which was good for meetings and decision making

Made myself a pot of Morning Shine after waking up feeling tired and groggy, and I immediately felt awake and ready to tackle my day. I was instantly productive! And it tastes really great.

Haven't been feeling this good in a long time and I'm not overreacting! This weekend was a highlight and i think Happy Tea helped with that! I've been laughing so much more all weekend 😂

I have a tendency to hold myself back in all kinds of situations and therefore often looked at as the boring one. I recently microdosed at a large event and could feel people genuinely asking me questions and wanting to get to know me more.

I drank happy tea for a fun night at home with friends - lots more energy, comfortably heightened senses and above all, just really good tea.

My first cup of Happy Tea I felt energized, giggly and social. It heightened my senses in a subtle way. It was a great way to have fun socializing with others with no dip or hangover. And it kept me sharp and energized the following day.

I’m overall happy with how the teas work and I’m likely to order in the future

Happy Tea is the absolute best. It's been a game changer in my life. It helps elevate my mood and allows me to be extra social depending on my dose. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to alcohol. Plus the blends are all super tasty 😋

Happy Tea works. I got soaked in the rain while riding my bike and I was happy about it.

I had never microdosed before, nor ever thought I would. After all I never thought I had a need for it. I gave it a try at a friend’s suggestion. My first thought was that I liked the taste (I had Morning Shine). It was a busy day, lots to do. After my second cup, I felt a very subtle tingling, almost like after having a glass of wine. But what was most apparent was I was doing my tasks in a relaxed mode, just doing each step without my usual way of thinking of the next before completing the first. Now I can’t wait to try it again.

No hangover - in fact complete opposite. I felt waves of happiness the next day :)

I had Mellow Fellow and had a very good sleep :) woke up early, but definitely a nice deep sleep. One of the few good ones this year.

microdosing keeps me in this really nice buzz. I can stay up as long as I want to, don't drink much at all, and generally have a really fun time, with a little bit of a magical edge

Happy tea balanced out my hangover a bit and it was a nice afternoon pick me up, just as it says :)

Happy tea made me feel warm and relaxed. It relieved the stress while working in front of the screen all day.

Happy tea gave me a subtle feeling of joy with some very nice laugh kicks to laugh my day out. I am a burst of happiness!

My cheeks hurt from smiling too much. The only bad thing about this product.

Amazing product...Happy tea gives you a glimpse of what your nature is like without the heaviness of the mind...more relaxed, happy and in the moment, truly a great experience

My partner and I tried Happy Tea (Mellow Fellow) together for the first time, it was a very positive experience for both of us. I drank 3 cups. After a while, in a gentle way, I could feel the effect: I felt calm and focused, I could more easily find the words to describe my thoughts and feelings. Worries melted away, I understood they were not as important. My focus was very deep, as if I was meditating constantly. I was calm, in the moment and present. It was as if my vision, which previously was clouded by worries, had been cleaned. We could sit on a bench and look at the waterlilies for a couple seconds and not get distracted, we just looked at the flower and saw the flower instead of attaching other images and meanings to it. Everyone should try it!

I felt a lift in my mood and I had vivid dreams that night

Was a really nice afternoon kick I must say. I was generally feeling so light, in a good way, and had some very nice conversations with my friend. We were sitting in my garden for idk, hours, and just talking and exchanging ideas. I didn't feel much physical difference, but I felt more energetic and engaged.

I woke up early on a Friday morning, and since I’m not a morning person I usually tend to skip the early meetings. This time I didn’t, and I made my happy tea and opened my Mac and waited for it to come. Within half an hour I felt more active and had a positive tingling feeling, and throughout the morning I felt way more active than I usually am. My roommate laughed at me and saw I was going for it. Happy Tea made me more active and energetic for the whole morning. I def recommend it.

Drank Happy Tea with some friends before going to a comedy show. We had a blast and were definitely the ones laughing the most. I didn't even need any alcohol, I was in a perfect happy social mood.

Microdosing is subtle but super positive. I have such a good day even if nothing really special happens.

Happy tea tastes super good and the effect for me was quite mild but did feel more energised after, a nice sensation.