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  • What is Happy Tea?
    Happy Teas are functional tea blends made to enhance you. Whether for dedicated time to yourself or for a social experience, it’s the oldest tradition going back to the very beginning of human evolution. Mushroom tea has a rich history of healing properties and ceremonial traditions. Happy Tea is a modern approach that can be used as an alcohol replacement or reducer for social environments. The blends promote healthier rituals as you can not get addicted or high from it. It keeps you functional while tasting great and boosting your mood. All blends are made to hide the taste of psilocybin truffles and are large enough to be enjoyed with friends.
  • How do you drink it?
    Just like you would with regular tea, boil water in a kettle and pour over your tea bag. We recommend using a large pot enough for multiple cups of tea. Let it steep however long you like depending on how strong you like it, but you want it steeped for at least 5 mins. You can refill with the same tea bag up to 3/4 times, after that it will have very faint effects. You will feel more effects the faster you drink it. Dispose of the tea bag once you’re done. If you purchase a Happy Tea with fresh truffles, break down the truffle and insert the bits in the tea bag before adding hot water. Avoid consuming on an empty stomach to avoid feeling nauseous. Here's a full guide.
  • Why should I drink Happy Tea?
    Tea has incredible benefits. Plant-based supplements have amazing benefits. Psilocybin is continuously being proven to have incredible benefits. Mixed together, you have a delicious and healthy drink that makes you happy to be with yourself and with the people around you. Sounds nice right? :)
  • Is Happy Tea available everywhere?
    Since all European countries are under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission, this EU treaty says that if a product is legal in one EU country, it is also legal to sell and ship to all other EU countries. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to any countries outside the EU, and we can’t ship any Happy Teas with a microdose of truffle to United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, or Malta.
  • Do you increase Happy Teas if sharing with friends?
    Happy Tea is very much a social drink. Since you can get multiple pours from one tea bag, you can definitely share. You want to make sure everyone gets at least 2-3 cups of tea and there's at least 1g per person in the same pot. Generally, 1 tea bag is good for up to 4 people. Use 1-2g of truffle per person to get the most out of it.
  • Do the teas expire?
    No, but the microdose of truffle does. The expiry date is on the package, around 2 months from shipping. If the truffle has turned really dark black, it has expired or won't have much effect.
  • What comes in the pack?
    1 loaded tea bag and your microdose of choice (if chosen)
  • Can you sleep after drinking Happy Tea?
    We don’t recommend drinking it shortly before going to bed, most blends contain caffeine. Drinking Happy Tea 4+ hours before sleep should be enough time to still fall asleep as normal, however, everyone reacts to it differently. Mellow Fellow blend is great before sleep as it contains no caffeine. Many have reported having a great sleep after consuming this blend.
  • Can you make Happy Tea into a cold brew?
    Yes absolutely! For warmer days, enjoy the tea cold. You can follow normal steps to make cold brew tea or follow our guide here. It should be prepared at least two hours before consumption.
  • How do you store it?
    Store in a cool, dark place. Your fridge will do, and keep it in the UV bag provided to protect it from other aromas. You can keep the truffles in the fridge for up to 2 months. All packages come date stamped.
  • Can you drink Happy Tea with other substances, like alcohol?
    We don’t recommend mixing tea and alcohol at the same time. If you drink alcohol after having Happy Tea in your system, keep in mind that the Happy Tea will enhance anything you’re doing, so you might get drunk quicker. The same can apply to smoking marijuana or other substances. However, everyone reacts to drugs differently. Want to know about something specific? Check the leading research here for a list of medications and supplements with no adverse response.
  • Can I drink Happy Tea if I'm on anti-depressants (or SSRIs)?
    It's really hard to answer this question at the moment as there isn't enough research to determine if it will work. Some research even suggests that there might be additional risks involved with the use of antidepressants in conjunction with truffles containing psilocybin. So it's hard to know for sure. We have experienced people who transitioned off of their SSRIs and tried Happy Tea and it worked. However, speak to your health advisor before making that decision. If you'd like more information about the benefits of microdosing instead of SSRIs, refer to this article that gives a great breakdown:
  • Can you drink it multiple times a day?
    Happy Tea with microdose If you’re adding truffles, we recommend following a similar schedule to regular microdosing with 2 days in between consumption. Happy Tea can leave you feeling happy the next day too, so it’s good to take a 2 day break for a healthy balance. Happy Tea without truffles Can be consumed max twice per day. On your off microdosing days, you can use the teas without truffle to maintain effects.
  • Will I have a bad trip or a heavy come down?
    There is no 'trip' or come down with microdosing. You are 100% present and do not travel, so there's nothing to come down from.
  • Can you explain the pricing?
    Most people are used to paying a couple of bucks for multiple tea bags. So we can understand why our pricing may seem high. We encourage you to read through each product's ingredients. They are packed with goods and flavour. They're meant to last multiple cups. If you end up with leftover water you can save it in the fridge for another day. If you're sharing with friends for a fun night, 4 people can benefit from one bag and have enough for the whole night. It's a different kind of experience and quality than your typical grocery store tea bags.
  • Can you take Happy Tea in your luggage on a plane?
    It is illegal to travel to another country with drugs. However, the tea is perfectly fine to travel with.
  • What is the effect of the teas on their own?
    Each blend has its own effect thanks to the adaptogens. Adding the truffle just enhances the effect. The truffle is responsible for the 'buzz' you may feel (depending on your dose). It helps to improve your mood and gives you a floaty sensation that eases anxieties and makes you happy. The adaptogens in each blend also have mood-boosting and anxiety-relief qualities but do not give you the same 'buzz' without the truffle. Each blend's functionality is listed in the its product description.
  • What are truffles? Are they different from mushrooms?
    Same same, but different. Magic truffles also contain psilocybin and are from the fungi family, like magic mushrooms. The main difference between the two is that truffles grow underground and never break the earth’s surface whereas mushrooms sprout above ground. Truffles are said to have lighter effects when taken in large doses, but we don’t know that for sure. Mushrooms can grow very irregularly, as a result of which the percentages vary greatly and unpredictably. However the same cannot be said for truffles, and therefore they were not included in the Opium Act amendment in 2008. The ministry stands by this position.
  • Are truffles legal?
    Yes! Fresh truffles are completely legal in The Netherlands and can be freely produced, traded, and sold. The product falls under the category of food supplements according to European directives and it fully complies with the applicable safety standards. Magic mushrooms became illegal after a few incidents in 2008 (especially in Amsterdam), however, this law has been drafted in such a way that the “magic” psilocybin truffle is not considered a mushroom and therefore does not fall under the mushroom law. If you choose Happy Tea with truffles, they come fresh and vacuum-sealed. We cannot sell it already in the tea bag.
  • What are the effects?
    You do not get high from any Happy Teas and you do not get high from microdosing. All our teas affect your overall mood leaving you feeling alert, happy, groovy, and positive. Adding the microdose of truffles increases the effect. Upon ingestion, the psilocybin turns into psilocin, which is structurally similar to serotonin. Taken in higher doses can lead to hallucinations and “trippy” experiences, but you would need 10-15g to get there. One microdose contains only 1g. So you’re free to work, ride a bike, exercise - you are fully sober. It’s called Happy Tea for a reason, you just feel happier than you did before. The effects can be noticed within minutes and can last up to 24 hours.
  • What is psilocybin?
    Psilocybin is the main active ingredient in the group of fungi known as magic mushrooms or truffles. Psilocybin is a prodrug, a substance that is metabolized after administration to become pharmacologically active as psilocin. The neuropsychological effects of psilocin appear to be mediated by stimulation of serotonergic receptors. Psilocybin alters mood, perception and cognition. Other positive feelings could occur like muscle relaxation, euphoria, grandiosity, anxiety relief, connectedness, the list goes on. However, in large doses some can panic or become dysphoric due to hallucinations. The bad stigmas associated with psilocybin are linked to this. But hallucinations are not possible when microdosing. Psilocybin in oral microdoses is well tolerated and safe for human studies. Read about some studies here.
  • How do you consume the truffles?
    If you purchase a Happy Tea with fresh truffles, break down the truffle and insert the bits in the tea bag before adding hot water.
  • Are there any bad effects from using magic truffles?
    There is still tons of research being done, but there has not been any harm recorded with microdosing psilocybin. The only bad thing would be not feeling any effect from it, since it hits people differently, like alcohol. However, don’t consume if you’re under 18, breastfeeding, pregnant, taking anti-depressants, combining with a MAOi, or have a serious medical condition that doesn’t allow you to drink alcohol (consult the doc if unsure). According to the leading microdose expert (James Fadiman) and his research, he specifically does not recommend that people with colorblindness or people who live with diagnoses of psychotic disorders try microdosing. People with colorblindness report lasting visual distortions from microdosing. Literature suggests people with psychotic disorders may be harmed by psychedelics. In their experience, people with diagnoses along the autism spectrum seem to require dosages that far exceed what is traditionally considered microdosing.
  • Where do you source the truffles?
    Our truffles are made in The Netherlands and we use one of the leading suppliers for the highest quality. Our supplier has been growing truffles for over 20 years!
  • What is microdosing?
    Microdosing refers to the practice of ingesting a very low dose of a psychedelic substance. There is a ton of ongoing research that is proving numerous positive results curing depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. There are countless blogs and online communities that discuss the practice with very little harm. For detailed guides on methods and anecdotal reports of outcomes check and People microdose using a wide range of different substances, although LSD and psilocybin are the most commonly discussed.
  • Do you get high from microdosing?
    Individuals who have taken psychedelics typically describe pronounced changes in visual and auditory perception, accompanied by vivid imaginative experiences and intense emotions. This is not the case with microdosing. Microdosing is frequently described as individuals who aim to identify a dose at which they do not feel ‘high’. In other words, when microdosing there are only minimal identifiable acute drug effects.
  • How often does one microdose?
    People follow a variety of different schedules when microdosing, sometimes taking a dose each day but much more frequently interspersing dosing days with rest days. One common schedule is to microdose every three days. The idea behind this regimen is that there may be a residual effect from each microdose that lasts one to two days afterwards. Most popular press stories on microdosing have mentioned this three day cycle. Need help finding your schedule? Refer to this guide.
  • Why do people microdose?
    Psychedelics have been getting a lot of attention for curing health conditions like depression, anxieties, PTSD, addictions, and more. By microdosing, you are helping yourself feel better. Research is ongoing but proving to be incredibly positive. Here are the top 5 influential psychedelic studies. People mostly microdose for healing and self-development, but there are multiple examples of others microdosing for improving focus, productivity and creativity.
  • What if I'm already microdosing?
    If you’re already microdosing regularly, use the tea to replace one of your microdosing days. It’s not recommended to use multiple forms of microdosing at the same time. Stick to one schedule.
  • Where can I learn more about microdosing?
    Check out our micro presentation on microdosing.
  • Are there any risks with microdosing?
    There is still a lot of research to do around microdosing, but what we do know is that psychedelics are among the safest substances on the “drugs” spectrum—below weed and alcohol. James Fadiman and Sophia Korb, who are conducting a lot of research and focus groups on microdosing, conclude that microdosing is overwhelmingly safe for most people. The risks of microdosing depend on the specific situation, person, and substance. For more information, check here:
  • Where do you ship?
    Since all European countries are under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission, this EU treaty says that if a product is legal in one EU country, it is also legal to sell and ship to all other EU countries. Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to any countries outside the EU. Due to some countries in the EU becoming more strict about this, we don't ship any Happy Teas with a microdose of truffle to Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, or Malta.
  • Do you ship with tracking?
    Yes, our shipments use track & trace. We use GLS in The Netherlands.
  • Will I get in trouble ordering Happy Tea outside of the NL?
    You are still responsible for complying with your local laws in regards to obtaining microdosing products. There is always a risk that individual EU countries, states, and local jurisdictions can ban or seize products/packages. We don't ship to certain countries as some are getting stricter about this (see list above). We are not responsible and will not refund any packages denied at customs.
  • How are the packages shipped?
    We use white letter mailers with no mention of our brand or what's in the package. It's discreet and unrecognisable.
  • How long does shipping take?
    In The Netherlands, shipping is quick and can be delivered as early as the next day. Outside of The Netherlands, it takes 3-10 business days. However, sometimes there are delays.
  • How long after I order will it be shipped?
    We usually ship within 24 hours of ordering. If you order before 3pm, it will be sent the same day. Do note that we don't ship packages outside of the NL on Fridays to avoid it being stagnant over the weekend.
  • Do you offer local delivery or pick up?
    Pick-up is possible from our office in Amsterdam Oost. Address: Willem Parelstraat 432. Pick-up is possible Monday-Thursday from 10:00-18:00. Please email us to arrange pick-up outside of these hours at We also offer free delivery within 2km of our office location.
  • The truffles need to be kept cold, do they survive shipping?
    Yes, the truffles need to be kept cold in order to stay fresh, but because they are vacuum-sealed, they are able to last about 10 days without the cold. However, this is not true if it's exposed to high heat. We highly recommend putting it in the fridge as soon as you receive it.
  • I haven't received my order yet, what can I do?
    Track your package using the tracking code you received in your email. You can track it at If you still need help, contact us at
  • Do you have a physical store?
    We have a shop where you can pick up your online orders. Visit us at Willem Parelstraat 432 in Amsterdam Oost. Almost all smartshops in The Netherlands carry Happy Tea. For a list of locations, see here:
  • I never received an order confirmation email, did the order go through?
    If you did not get an email confirmation (check your spam) then the order did not go through. If you have already paid, try ordering again and select manual payment (you won't be prompted to pay again). If you still need help, email us at

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