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Help us grow the non-alcoholic market

Introducing Nice Tea: A Non-Alcoholic Drink That Works.

Nice Tea brings the flavors you adore from Happy Tea, now with a subtle fizz. Think tasty ready-to-drink functional beverage that makes you feel nice. Our innovative packaging and perfected recipe allow you to add your own microdose discreetly, maintaining the taste.

Our vision is clear: non-alcoholic alternatives that genuinely mimic the social experience of alcohol, but with a healthier twist.


We need your help to make this happen!


What are we up to?

For two incredible years, we've been on a journey with Happy Tea, crafting delightful blends that serve as a refreshing alternative to alcohol. Our passion for this venture has been unwavering, and we've loved every moment of it. Yet, as we embrace the challenges to grow, we recognize the need to innovate to reach new horizons.


Our commitment to using magic truffles sets us apart, but it also means we can't follow the same path as traditional alcoholic beverages. To keep our dreams alive, we're introducing Nice Tea—a line of products that break barriers.

Join the waitlist

By joining our waiting list, you're not just signing up for a beverage; you're fueling our pitch to investors and positioning yourself as the first to witness the birth of Nice Tea. Be the harbinger of a groundbreaking era in socializing.

We've also set up a GoFundMe page for those who wish to contribute to our journey, aiding in the creation of our first prototype.

Embrace the essence of Nice Tea: a leap towards a future where social enjoyment aligns with well-being. Join us on this adventure, support our cause, and be part of a movement that helps create a healthier, happier world!

Your support means the world to us!


With love,

The Happy Team

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