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About us

We’re a small team reinventing how we connect with others with our fresh take on microdosing. Using one of the oldest social traditions, we strive to bring unique tea blends to modern social cultures across Europe. 

Our blends

Our tea blends are both functional and delicious. As the taste of psilocybin truffle is not everyone's cup of tea, we focus on crafting blends that hide the funky taste into a delicious drink. Our tea bags include other adaptogenic mood-boosting ingredients to add functionality to the microdose. And they’re large enough to share with friends, allowing for richer connections and bonding. Drinking tea at a party has never been so cool.

The story of how it started

Happy Tea

The story of Happy Tea started from a personal microdosing journey. Sara was microdosing with beneficial effects, while at the same time beginning to see how alcohol was negatively affecting her life. One day she decided to microdose in a social setting, however, it wasn’t a welcoming concept, she still felt the pressure to drink alcohol and felt alienated from the rest. She knew that there was a need to invite microdosing into social settings. 


She started to experiment with tea blends and ingredients she’s always known and loved. During the lockdowns of the pandemic, she invited friends over for truffle tea. It wasn’t long before the concept was a hit, and the effects were apparent that this could be an alternative to alcohol. After many friends started asking for more ‘Happy Tea’, the name stuck and it needed to be shared with more people. 

Happy Tea is an example of a bigger mission

To promote healthier social environments that are not centred around a dangerous drink. As alcohol is continuously proving to be the most dangerous drug in the world, it’s now more than ever that people need to be educated and influenced to look for alternatives. The social pressure to drink must vanish so we can focus on healthier connections.


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