Microdose Together
exists for the need to spread more education and resources on how we can have better connections when together.

Happy Tea

is a microdosing drink that can be used as an alternative to alcohol.


we are on a big mission to reshape how we socialise. 

Microdosing has helped a substantial amount of people. A lot of stories are unrecorded. A ton of it is published. People everywhere are claiming to feel happier, more fulfilled, have an increased sense of self, cure mental health problems, and so much more. 


Alcohol has been influencing poor social behaviours for centuries. It comes with over 200 health risks and is a substantial cause to our mental health. If you’re here, you recognise we have a problem.

“Research shows that our social environments have an enormous influence on the kind of person we become and our overall health. We are nurtured more than we are born with our values and behaviours, so by focusing on healthier social environments we can make this world a better place.”
- Sara, Creator
What happens when we microdose together?

Humans are ritualistic creatures. As a society, most of our social behaviours are encoded into our culture – think of blowing out candles on a birthday cake or getting slaughtered at a stag do. We choose our social rituals, and they become a part of us.


By being more conscious of our consumption habits we can strengthen our social bonds as well as our connection to the earth. Taking part in healthier and more sustainable social rituals will bring a sense of togetherness and power that lasts and builds growth. 


We all have a desire for something more; more connection to people and the planet. Everything comes down to our relationship with others. By promoting a more compassionate society and consciously attempting to be environmentally conscious, we can help to create and maintain healthy social bonds, our connection to the dying earth, and most importantly our connection to ourselves.



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