What is Happy Tea?

Updated: Jun 21

Happy Teas are functional drinks that come with the option of magic truffle in microdoses. You can drink Happy Tea on your own or with friends. It's used to increase sociability, ease anxiety, and boost your mood.

Will I get high?

No, we don't sell more than 4g of magic truffle with our teas. You would need at least 10g to get high. You are fully functional after drinking Happy Tea, it just does what it says, makes you happy!

How did it start?

Happy Tea started from a personal microdosing journey. Sara started making teas with magic truffle and drank that instead of alcohol at social events. She started offering it to friends when they would come over during the pandemic lockdowns and it quickly became a must-have. The name Happy Tea was naturally born, and Sara knew this had the potential to make social rituals healthier.

How is Happy Tea made?

Each Happy Tea is made with an intention. We research and test our blends until it's accurate. We use high-quality speciality loose-leaf teas and ingredients to create optimum taste and quality. All ingredients are plant-based and are meant to enhance the effects of the psilocybin. We choose specific ingredients that are functional and have scientific research that proves they work and are healthy.

When do I drink Happy Tea?

Think of it as an energy drink, you can use it whenever you feel the need for energy and sociability. It's a perfect pre-drink for social parties and festivals. Or it can also be a cool-down drink when you're done with alcohol. You could also use a low dose while you're working. It doesn't need a specific moment to be enjoyed, it's a subtle enhancer to whatever you're doing!

A safer and healthier alternative to alcohol

Psychedelics are among the safest substances on the drug's spectrum—way below alcohol. If you're not aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, have a read here. Happy Tea uses microdosing which is continuously being proven to not have any adverse health side effects. We have a lot of reasons to believe microdosing psilocybin is safe and good for you, but there is still more research to be done to know the whole truth. Happy Tea can have a similar effect to the way alcohol gives you a buzz or makes you tipsy, but it doesn't come with all the risks. The intention of Happy Tea is to not get high, just happy.

Are there risks?

James Fadiman and Sophia Korb, who are conducting a lot of research and focus groups on microdosing, conclude that microdosing is overwhelmingly safe for most people. The risks of microdosing depend on the specific situation, person, and substance. For more details about any known risks with microdosing, see this article.

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