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What is Happy Tea?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Happy Teas are functional drinks that are made to pair with microdoses of magic truffle. The tea and the microdose are separate, and you can also enjoy the tea on its own for lighter benefits. Designed for both personal indulgence and shared moments, it's crafted to enhance your sociability, alleviate anxiety, and elevate your mood. Happy Tea is a testament to modern innovation and holistic wellness. Whether you're seeking a vibrant boost for social gatherings, a refreshing alternative to traditional party drinks, or a mood-enhancing companion during work, Happy Tea effortlessly complements your lifestyle.

Will I get high?

No, we don't sell more than 4g of magic truffle with our teas. You would need at least 10g to get high. You are fully functional after drinking Happy Tea, it just does what it says, makes you happy!

How did it start?

Born from a personal microdosing journey, Happy Tea emerged as a dynamic creation by visionary Sara - a girl who was actively seeking an alternative to toxic alcohol. The resounding success among friends during pandemic lockdowns led to the birth of Happy Tea, an organically evolving phenomenon destined to revolutionise well-being and socialising.

How is Happy Tea made?

Each Happy Tea is made with an intention. We research and test our blends until it's accurate and effective. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the selection of premium loose-leaf teas and botanicals, masterfully harmonised to create an exquisite taste and uncompromising quality. All ingredients are naturally derived, synergistically enhancing the effects of psilocybin, and backed by scientific research for holistic well-being.

When do I drink Happy Tea?

Think of it as an energy drink, you can use it whenever you feel the need for energy and sociability. It's a perfect pre-drink for social parties and festivals. Or we also have blends that can be used as a cool-down drink, when you're trying to chill. You could also use a low dose (1g) while you're working to enhance productivity and focus. It doesn't need a specific moment to be enjoyed, it's a subtle enhancer to whatever you're doing! It's not just a beverage; it's an invitation to rediscover the joys of connection, the wonders of well-being, and the thrill of shared experiences.

A safer and healthier alternative to alcohol

Psychedelics are among the safest substances on the drug's spectrum—way below alcohol. If you're not aware of the harmful effects of alcohol, have a read here. Happy Tea uses microdosing which is continuously being proven to not have any adverse health side effects. We have a lot of reasons to believe microdosing psilocybin is safe and good for you, but there is still more research to be done. Happy Tea can have a similar effect to the way alcohol gives you a buzz or makes you tipsy, but it doesn't come with all the risks. The intention of Happy Tea is to not get high, just happy.

Are there risks?

James Fadiman and Sophia Korb, who are conducting a lot of research and focus groups on microdosing with thousands of people, conclude that microdosing is overwhelmingly safe for most people. The risks of microdosing depend on the specific situation, person, and substance. For more details about any known risks with microdosing, see this article.

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