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How to find your happy dose

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

When it comes to microdosing it works similarly to alcohol. Everyone has their own tolerance level, and it can vary depending on factors like how much food is in your stomach and how fresh the truffles are.

So finding your dose can take a couple of trials. Remember that with tea you are not consuming the whole truffle, so the effects are a bit less than if you were to eat it. Also, this scale and guide are different for magic mushrooms.

Below is a general guide you can use to find your happy dose with Happy Tea using magic truffle, or psilocybe Mexicana. 1/10th = 1 gram.

Under 1g of magic truffle
  • technically less than 1/10th of a full hallucination dose

  • most likely won't feel much or anything at all

  • mostly used with frequent microdosers who are working towards a healing goal, like curing depression

  • you may feel a slight calming and joyful feeling, but not much more than that

  • you can go on about your day as normal

1g of magic truffle
  • good starter dose

  • technically around 1/10th of a full hallucination dose

  • some may not feel much at all, some may feel a small buzz

  • great dose for working or doing other activities that require focus

  • you may feel slight feelings of a body high, giddy feelings, and a bit of euphoria

2g of magic truffle, museum dose
  • technically 2/10th's of a full hallucination dose

  • will definitely feel a buzz

  • called museum dose which means it's a light enough dose to still be taken safely and/or discreetly in a public place, but strong enough to make something like art look more interesting

  • may feel a more noticeable enhancement of colours, heightened senses, laughter, noticeable body high, euphoria, and feelings of gratitude

  • comparable to 2-3 alcoholic drinks, or feeling 'tipsy'

3-4g of magic truffle, sharing or strong dose
  • technically 3-4/10ths of a full hallucination dose

  • a stronger museum dose if taken on your own

  • recommend using this dose to share with another

  • may feel more 'high' but still won't hallucinate

  • comparable to being a little drunk

  • great for big parties, raves, festivals, etc. if taken on your own

10g+ of magic truffle, heroic dose
  • hallucination dose, requires at least 10gs

  • provides a different kind of experience compared to the other smaller dosages described

  • you can expect to have a mystical experience, which may include a sense of interconnectedness or oneness (the feeling of being everything), a strong likelihood of ego dissolution, the feeling of gaining hidden knowledge, timelessness, hallucinations, and more

  • recommended to be taken with a guide and in a safe environment

The dosages outlined here will affect everyone in a different way and should be only taken as a guide. If you would like to microdose on a regular basis, find your dose first before going on a schedule.

Happy Tea blends are made with additional supplements that help enhance your microdose and boost your mood. Each tea is made with a functionality in mind, as psilocybin effects are known to be more effective when there's an intention behind taking it.

Happy dosing! If you have any more questions contact us.



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