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Love is in the air

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Happy Tea and taboo-breaking toon, Vanillacooldance team up to spice up your dating life without alcohol, with this limited edition package design. ​

Dry dating is on the rise with studies showing 75% of singles opting to go on sober dates. Why? Because you can show up as your authentic self, have true and deep conversations, and actually remember the date the next day sans hangxiety. Check, check and check!

So swap your typical date night drink with this spicy Fuego Happy Tea blend containing aphrodisiac ingredients. Enhancing the mood and sparking authentic connection naturally. There is no caffeine in this blend which makes it great for the evening, however the cordyceps can give you energy for whatever activity comes your way ;)

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Meet VCD

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Vanillacooldance is the outspoken, confident and shameless part in all of us.

Sparking the conversations we should be having about topics that are still taboo,  vanillacooldance is for anyone who wants to feel less alone.

A spicy role model for women who have nipple hair and wonder ‘am I normal'. For those who have never looked at their own vulva before. For men who don’t realize that most vulva-owners can’t achieve orgasm from intercourse alone...probably because most women grew up learning that they should ‘fake it.’

There's so much shame to unpack, and Vanillacooldance will be here to help you live shamelessly every step of the way.

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