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This herbal tea aims to help you enrich the depths of your sleep. Containing ingredients that may enhance your REM sleep, Dreamland goes beyond aid to a good night of rest. As the name speaks for itself, this tea may help you get the most out of an important part of our sleep: dreaming. Dreams are considered by sleep specialists as a therapy, since it's hypothesized that it helps with emotional processing of information and overall mental health. Have a cup before bed and fall into a rejuvenating night of rest.


This blend was developed in partnership with SHYFT Microdosing. We share the mission to help people unlock their full potential with natural products, with a slight spiritual touch - to shyft to inner balance and happiness. 


Dreamland comes in a small tin with 5 servings. You can also order the bundle option in case you need tea bags and an accurate dosing spoon.

In addition to drinking this blend before sleep, there are multiple strategies you can use to improve your sleep, check them out here.


Paired with: Blue lotus, Magnolia Flower, Valerian root, Honeybush, Reishi mushroom, Vitamin B6, Hibiscus dust, Verbena, and Oregano.


Premium blend with ingredients from sustainable cultivation and natural flavourings.


Intention: Enrich the depths of your sleep


Taste: Herbal with dark floral and earthy notes


Comes with: one tin with 36 grams of powder, 5 servings (~7g each)
Bundle option comes with: one tin with 5 tea bags and an accurate dosing spoon

Truffle option comes with: bundle plus 5x 1 gram


Water amount: Each ~7g dose makes up to 500ml of water


Effects: Calming, sedative, improved REM sleep


Matching playlist: take the time to dream


More FAQs answered here


    Blue lotus Flower: contains some chemical compounds that interact with receptors in our brain, promoting mood regulation, anxiety reduction, relaxation and calming feelings. It is also known for its potential sedative effects, which contribute to sleep quality.


    Magnolia flower: has natural compounds known to have anxiety relief and sedative effects, helping to improve sleep quality, including REM sleep. These compounds may interact with areas in the brain that contribute to a rejuvenating sleep experience.


    Valerian Root: known to reduce anxiety and promote better sleep. This root can help you relax against stress, making it a natural remedy for sleep.


    Reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum): a non-psychoactive mushroom that benefits the immune system and may help reduce fatigue, which means it can help you relax your muscles.

    Vitamin B6: this vitamin plays an essential role in several bodily functions, including the production of melatonin, a very important hormone that regulates the stages of our sleep.


    EU countries only.


    Add a micrdose of truffle for enhanced effects. Order it here.

    Less than 1g = probably won't feel much

    1g = might feel a small buzz

    2g = will definitely feel a light buzz

    3g = sharing dose or strong single dose (1-2 people)

    4g = sharing dose (2-3 people)


    How to find your dose >


    โ€œI had one of the best sleeps I ever had. Delicious tea with sedative effects, I wish I could remember all my dreams but I know there were a lot of them.โ€

    "Has not only enhanced my sleep but also delivered an unexpected twist with its surprising aphrodisiac qualities. I was pleasantly surprised to find a subtle but definite boost in mood and sensuality. The nuanced combination of ingredients seems to strike a delicate balance between relaxation and arousal, making this tea a unique and delightful experience.


    Read all happy stories 


    One tin with 36 grams of powder, 5 servings. 
    Bundle option comes with one tin with 5 tea bags and an accurate dosing spoon.
    Bundle + 1g x 5 option comes with one tin with 5 tea bags, an accurate dosing spoon, and 5x 1g of magic truffle 

  • USE

    No more than 2 tea bags a day. Follow microdosing recommended schedule with 2 day breaks between consumption if using truffle. 


    We don't accept returns. We've also never been asked to. 


    For a few reasons:

    - That's the only way it's legal to sell

    - The truffle stays fresh until the moment you use it

    - If the truffle does expire, then the tea is still good to use 

    - You have more control over the dosage


    Use the scoop that comes with the bundle box (or measure around 7g of tea) and put into a tea bag. Place the tea bag in a large cup or in a small pot with maxium 500ml. Drink 1-2 hours before bed. 

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