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Truffle Tea Bags

Truffle Tea Bags

Sharing Happy Tea with more than 4 people? Make the most out of this experience with these truffle tea bags. Use the bag to put an individual truffle dose in each person’s cup. Have a look at how to do it here.


The bags are small enough to fit in any cup (7x5cm). Remember to crush the truffle before pouring your tea. You can do this before or after adding it to the tea bag.


The truffle can last multiple re-steeps (infusions) - up to 5 - before there is no more psilocybin left to extract. Do not use water over 85 degrees with the truffle tea bag.


Choose the quantity you prefer depending on how many people will be using truffles. All truffle tea bags come in one package. 


Shop individual doses here: 

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