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Enhance your mind and experiences with Happy Tea 

Our carefully formulated blends are crafted to enhance your cognitive function and mood. Our adaptogenic ingredients work in tandem to provide a subtle yet uplifting effect when paired with microdosing magic truffles. Experience a happy state that can promote self-awareness and less social anxiety.

Happy Treats now available!

Our new chocolate bonbons crafted for a delicious microdosing experience don't require brewing a teapot. Simply savor the rich blend of 70% cocoa and adaptogens to cleverly conceal the truffle taste. These low-sugar treats are a guilt-free pleasure that's as good for you as it is for others. Share the joy with a box of 8 – because happiness is best enjoyed together!

Delicious and Healthy. 
Blends based on functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Happy Tea?

Happy Teas are functional teas made for a social experience. It’s the oldest tradition, going back to the very beginning of human evolution. Mushroom tea has a rich history of healing properties and ceremonial traditions.

Happy Tea is a modern approach meant to be used as an alcohol replacement or reducer for social environments. The teas promote healthier rituals as you can not get addicted to it.

Where do you ship?

Since all European countries are under the Mutual Recognition of Goods Principle of the European Commission, this EU treaty says that if a product is legal in one EU country, it is also legal to sell and ship to all other EU countries.


Unfortunately, we are unable to ship to any countries outside the EU.


Due to some countries in the EU becoming more strict about this, we don't ship any Happy Teas with a microdose of truffle to Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, or Malta.

We believe that society can benefit from healthier social rituals. The Happy Tea mission is to help people create better, more sustainable ways to connect with one another.

Current social rituals involve abusing a dangerous drug that has a negative effect on our health, relationships, and the planet. About 2.5 million people die worldwide each year from alcohol-related causes. But yet, there’s constant social pressure to drink it.

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It's time to introduce a healthier alternative into our lives.

Ingredients from nature

Our ingredients come straight from the source so we don't jeopardise quality or cost.

Our truffles are sourced locally in The Netherlands. They grow in indoor farms, more about them here.

Not your average tea

Each blend is loaded with a mix of tea leaves and powder supplements that come from plants. One tea bag makes multiple cups, giving you plenty of water. If you don't finish, save in the fridge for another day.

Up-to-date on research

We use the latest microdosing research to influence all of our blends. We are closely connected to the data and use small sample groups to test every new blend before launching.

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