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How to throw a party with Happy Tea

Imagine you're enjoying yourself with friends, your energy is high, and you don't get socially tired. You wake up the next day feeling great, no hangover. Sounds like the way it should be! Fortunately, this is possible with Happy Tea.

Attending a party where everyone's drinking alcohol can be challenging for many reasons. Maybe you're not feeling it, perhaps you have to drive home later, or maybe you're taking a break from alcohol for the sake of your health. You can try something new and throw your own alcohol-free party. Our blends are not only delicious and refreshing but also have properties that can enhance your mood. With a combination of herbs and adaptogens, your party can be cheered up with drinks that can help you reduce stress, feel happier, and enjoy a more peaceful state of mind.

In addition to the health benefits, you can create an inclusive and welcoming party atmosphere. Not to mention that you will all consciously enjoy the moment by being present, rather than forgetful, and use a drug that actually is known to help connect people.

Here’s a guide on how to throw a Happy Tea party.

What you'll need

🍵A large teapot (or cooking pot)

🍃Multiple tea bags of the same blend


🥣Mortar & pestle (or vijzel, something to crush the truffle)

🍄Magic truffles (optional)

🕺Your party friends

🎵A good matching playlist (each blend has a matching playlist in the product description)

Happy Tea drinks for your party

As you know from the instructions on how to drink happy tea, one Happy Tea bag is usually recommended for 4 people. Additionally, you can prepare more tea according to the number of people joining your get together. For that, we prepared the guide below.

Water temperature

First of all, you'll need enough water to brew your tea. We'll show you the amount of tea bags you'll need later on, but first let's make sure that you understand how to prepare your water. All teas should be brewed in 80-85 degrees water. Here's a trick in case you don't have a way to control the water temperature: add a small amount of cold water to your boiled water. This way, you will bring the temperature down from 95-100 degrees to the 80-85 degrees range. To test if the water is ideal, hold the teapot. It will take 5 seconds before it starts to feel uncomfortable.

How many tea bags do I need for my party?

Instructions to brew hot tea


Tea bags

Litres (including re-steeps*)



Up to 3L



Up to 4,5L



Up to 4,5L



Up to 4,5L



Up to 4,5L



Up to 6L



Up to 6L



Up to 6L



Up to 6L

This table shows the maximum amount of hot water that you can use to brew a certain amount of tea bags. If you think your party guests will want multiple cups, use the litres guide instead of people. We would like to highlight that you do not need to consume that whole amount of tea if you do not wish to. The table only shows the maximum amount of water that you can use to brew a certain number of tea bags.

*What's a re-steep? Re-steeping your tea means you can add more water and use the same tea bag. For example, you can start brewing your tea bag with just 500ml of hot water, and once it's finished, you can add more water. Just follow the water quantity limits shown on the table above.

Do you have leftover tea? You can dispose of the tea bag and refrigerate it for up to 3 days. The tea bag only lasts for one sitting.

Truffle dosing

Happy tea is a great social drink to share with friends. But if you're hanging out with more than 4 people, we recommend not adding the truffle in the teapot. Rather, put your dose in your own cup. This is because the truffle dose is really personal, as it depends on each person's intentions or how much someone takes to start feeling the buzz.

A general recommendation is to use 1-3g of truffle per person. But if you need some guidance in this, have a look at how to find your happy dose.

After you prepare the teapot according to the number of party friends, you'll need to prepare your truffle dose. You can do this by crushing the truffle dose with a mortar & pestle and putting it in a truffle tea bag (available here). Then put your truffle bag in your own cup, and pour the water. Your drink is ready! Don't worry, you can reuse your truffle dose many times. Every time you pour tea in your cup, the water will continue to extract psilocybin and give you a buzz. Usually after pouring the water 4 times, there’s nothing left to extract.

You're ready to party! Now that you know how to prepare happy drinks, why not invite your friends and try it out? Would you rather that we take care of happy tea while you enjoy your party? Throw a party at ours or invite us to your party!

Happy Tea for festivals

Are you organising a party for more than 12 people? For instance, preparing for a festival of hundreds of people? We can help you with customised preparation.

Get in touch with us at for a collaboration.


Are you the so-called 'party animal' and would like to throw parties more often? You're entitled to more discounts depending on how big your party becomes. The more you purchase, the more deals you get. Get in touch with us about our ambassador program.


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