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Discover how microdosing can bring you magic

Enhancing creativity, mood, and productivity can be natural and feasible. Tap into the potential of your overall well-being and be the best you. 

Flat Round Elements

Our Microdosing Starter Bundle is for you

Variety of Blends

Enjoy 3 unique blends for various occasions to find what works best for you, since everyone is different.

happy flower

Experience Joy

Each blend hides the microdose for a delicious experience while feeling joy and a positive mood.


Backed by Research

Recipes based on extensive research and testing (e.g Stamets Stack), ensuring each blend delivers optimal benefits naturally.

What people say

Microdosing is subtle but super positive. I have such a good day even if nothing really special happens.

Happy tea gave me a subtle feeling of joy with some very nice laugh kicks to laugh my day out. I am a burst of happiness!

Happy tea tastes super good and the effect for me was quite mild but did feel more energised after, a nice sensation.

Tea on Rainy Day

Helping people feel their own potential is in our nature.

The Microdosing Starter Bundle is perfect for newcomers curious about the benefits of microdosing. Discover Morning Shine for boosting focus, take a break with Flow State to reconnect with yourself, or unwind in the evening with Mellow Fellow. Each blend is crafted based on extensive research and testing, using ingredients known for their mood-enhancing and overall well-being properties.

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