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✨ MORNING SHINE ✨ Wholesale

✨ MORNING SHINE ✨ Wholesale

The best way to start the day - energized, focused and happy. This morning blend can replace your typical caffeine and last without the dip.

This blend features the famous Stamets Stack.


Paired with: Organic Black Tea Assam, Vanilla, Chai, Lemongrass, Lion’s Mane, Ginseng, 5-HTP, and Niacin


Intention: Start your day right and productive


Taste: Vanilla chai


Comes with: one tea bag and your choice of dose


Effects: focus, energy, mood boost


Matching playlist: Morning Melodies


Caffeine amount in tea bag: 22 mg (moderate)


One time use. One tea bag can give you 1-3 litres of tea.   

How to drink Happy Tea > 


More FAQs answered here


    Lion’s Mane - or hericium erinaceus, this functional non-psychoactive mushroom contains bioactive substances that have beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart and gut. Animal and human research has found that lion’s mane has anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as regenerate brain cells improving the functioning of the hippocampus. 


    5-HTP - comes naturally from the seed pods of the plant Griffonia simplicifolia and is a naturally occurring amino acid in our bodies. It's used as a nootropic substance, which is a substance that enhances cognitive function and promotes feelings of well-being. It also affects appetite, sleep cycles and pain perception.


    Niacin - or vitamin B3, is an important nutrient. In fact, every part of your body needs it to function properly. As a supplement, niacin may help make your brain and nerve cells work better and manage energy and metabolism in the body.


    Asian and Siberian Ginseng - a herbal tonic or adaptogen used for centuries, responsible for giving you a quick energy and mood boost. Studies have linked Asian and Siberian ginseng to less fatigue and an up-tick in metabolism. It has a beneficial effect on the level of physical energy and also keeps you healthy even when you feel tired.


    Magic truffles (comes separately) - a microdose of fresh magic truffles, or Psilocybe Mexicana, vacuum-sealed. Crush it into bits and insert bits into the tea bag when ready for consumption. Follow microdosing recommended schedule with 2 day breaks between consumption


    Ships within 1 business day of order placed. 

    EU countries only.


    Less than 1g = probably won't feel much

    1g = might feel a small buzz

    2g = will definitely feel a light buzz

    3g = sharing dose (2-3 people)

    4g = sharing dose (2-4 people)


    How to find your dose >


    “Made myself a pot of Morning Shine after waking up feeling tired and groggy, and I immediately felt awake and ready to tackle my day. I was instantly productive! And it tastes really great.”


    Read all happy stories 


    1 tea bag plus chosen microdose (if selected).

    1 tea bag = 3-4 cups/refills. 


    In the fridge in included UV bag.

  • USE

    No more than 2 tea bags a day. Follow microdosing recommended schedule with 2 day breaks between consumption if using truffle. 


    We don't accept returns. We've also never been asked to. 


    For a few reasons:

    - That's the only way it's legal to sell

    - The truffle stays fresh until the moment you use it

    - If the truffle does expire, then the tea is still good to use 

    - You have more control over the dosage


     1. Prepare a pot

    Add your crushed truffle to your tea bag (optional) and place in a pot with a capacity of at least 500ml of water.


    2. Pour into cup/cups

    After at least 5 minutes of steeping, serve 2-3 cups per person.


    3. Refill or save

    Add more water to the pot for another steeping, or save access tea in the fridge for 3-4 days.

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