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Why we need a new social ritual to replace alcohol

Perspective from a raver, by @sinnewerberte

I am normally someone who needs alcohol or other drugs to go to parties or any social event. Like every person, there comes a time when these old habits will have a bad influence on health. The hangovers, the mental dip afterwards, weight dropping or gaining, and the list goes on. I do organise events that bring people together. Sometimes more than I can handle personally. Would I have gone for an alcoholic drink in this situation, definitely, but I am also too self-aware that this is social pressure if not from the surroundings then it’s the easiest option from society.

Alcohol isn’t that stigmatised, it's easy to get, and well ‘everybody drinks’. Meanwhile, alcohol is the 4th biggest cause of death worldwide. So while searching for a better solution, I found Microdose Together. While telling people around me about it and me wanting to try microdosing, I found out there is definitely a stigma around this. The conversation leads to the hypocritical statement that alcohol isn’t as harmful as these ‘drugs’. After explaining that there is no ‘trip’ and so I will not experience any form of hallucinations, there was more space in the conversation to talk about the positive side of microdosing. As I said, I organize events, mostly raves. It’s hard to get true the night without any substance in any form, basically.

So I wanted to try the Evening Groove (2g) for this. Just to see how I would feel during the night and even bigger the day/week after. I’m used to getting a kick out of it and becoming ‘high’ or let’s say smooth. So for me not having that kick when using the tea was something I needed to get used to and definitely worried me for a bit if it even worked. But don’t worry it did haha. The whole night I felt relaxed, actually. No ups or downs, just a stable, relaxed night. Where at the end of the night I can still tell people who I am and go home safely. And most important, I had fun. It’s something that I will use more often and start spreading the word for. We all want to have fun for as long as we can, and having healthier ways for this is amazing. And for the day after, no hangover and no down feelings. And I think that is the biggest win (together with better health, of course). Here's to more nights like this.

- Renate Sinne


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