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Discover a healthier buzz without the harm

The perfect functional drink for a lively social evening without alcohol. Feel good and energetic, keep the fun going all night with sustained energy, and experience no hangovers, just great times.

Disco Ball

Our Party Bundle is for you


Natural Boost

Our blends are made with natural ingredients to give you a boost in mood and energy the natural way.

happy flower

No hangover

There is no hangover with microdosing, if anything, you may feel a next-day glow.


Backed by Research

Recipes based on extensive research and testing, ensuring each blend delivers optimal benefits.

What people say

Yesterday I took a bigger dose (4g) because I wanted to go out clubbing and feel some effects. I loved it so much. I felt totally at peace with myself. I was so in the moment and I felt compassion for the people around me and also for myself. And no alcohol, so that amazing!

I shared the Social Butterfly blend with a good friend, it was a gorgeous inky deep blue that turned violet with a squeeze of lemon. We had such a great time giggling and talking about creative ideas. Perfect blend for a tea party with the girlies 🦋

I tried the ‘Groove all night long’ this weekend and it was amazing! I don’t drink alcohol since 1,5 month but was so nice to get into this vibe - supporting the energy of the music! Loved it.

Dancing in the Mist

Helping people feel their own potential is in our nature.

The only concoction that will give you a buzz without the harm. Our Party Bundle is the ultimate alcohol alternative, designed for those who want to maintain a vibrant social life without the negative effects of alcohol. These adaptogenic drinks provide a healthy, energising buzz that keeps you feeling great all night. You won't feel high, just a bit 'tipsy' with energy and a good mood.

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